Supported Sensors

OpenSensorHub (OSH) is designed to connect to any sensor or actuator thanks to its very flexible data model.

Sensor Types

  • Video Cameras
  • Weather Stations
  • Simple Mono-variable Insitu Sensors (thermometers, barometers, )

Sensor Drivers


  • MTi IMU
  • Adafruit Orientation Sensor (BNO055)

Video Cameras

  • Axis PTZ Camera XXX Series
  • Dahua PTZ XXX Series
  • Video4Linux Cameras
  • H264 RTP Cams
  • FLIR One Thermal Camera

Weather Sensors

  • NOAA Nexrad Doppler Radars (continental US)
  • Vaisala Weather Station XXX Series

UAV / Drones

  • MAVLink Telemetry and Tasking (compatible with Ardupilot)


  • TruPulse Range Finder
  • Adafruit Sensors via Unified Sensor Driver