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protected void init()
    SWEHelper fac = new SWEHelper();
    // build SWE Common record structure
	weatherData = fac.newDataRecord(5);
    weatherData.setDescription("Weather measurements");
    // add time, temperature, pressure, wind speed and wind direction fields
    weatherData.addComponent("time", fac.newTimeStampIsoUTC());
    weatherData.addComponent("temperature", fac.newQuantity(SWEHelper.getPropertyUri("AirTemperature"), "Air Temperature", null, "Cel"));
    weatherData.addComponent("pressure", fac.newQuantity(SWEHelper.getPropertyUri("AtmosphericPressure"), "Air Pressure", null, "hPa"));
    weatherData.addComponent("windSpeed", fac.newQuantity(SWEHelper.getPropertyUri("WindSpeed"), "Wind Speed", null, "m/s"));
    // for wind direction, we also specify a reference frame
    Quantity q = fac.newQuantity(SWEHelper.getPropertyUri("WindDirection"), "Wind Direction", null, "deg");
    weatherData.addComponent("windDirection", q);
    // also generate encoding definition
    weatherEncoding = fac.newTextEncoding(",", "\n");


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The contents of this file are subject to the Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0.
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Software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" basis,
WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License
for the specific language governing rights and limitations under the License.
The Initial Developer is Botts Innovative Research Inc. Portions created by the Initial
Developer are Copyright (C) 2014 the Initial Developer. All Rights Reserved.
******************************* END LICENSE BLOCK ***************************/

package org.sensorhub.impl.sensor.fakeweather;

import org.sensorhub.api.common.SensorHubException;
import org.sensorhub.impl.sensor.AbstractSensorModule;
import org.vast.sensorML.SMLHelper;
import net.opengis.sensorml.v20.PhysicalSystem;

 * <p>
 * Driver implementation outputting simulated weather data by randomly
 * increasing or decreasing temperature, pressure, wind speed, and
 * wind direction.  Serves as a simple sensor to deploy as well as
 * a simple example of a sensor driver.
 * </p>
 * @author Mike Botts
 * @since Dec 24, 2014
public class FakeWeatherSensor extends AbstractSensorModule<FakeWeatherConfig>
    FakeWeatherOutput dataInterface;
    protected void doInit() throws SensorHubException
        // generate identifiers
        generateUniqueID("urn:osh:sensor:simweather:", config.serialNumber);
        generateXmlID("WEATHER_STATION_", config.serialNumber);
        // init main data interface
        dataInterface = new FakeWeatherOutput(this);
        addOutput(dataInterface, false);

    protected void updateSensorDescription()
        synchronized (sensorDescLock)
            if (!sensorDescription.isSetDescription())
                sensorDescription.setDescription("Simulated weather station generating realistic pseudo-random measurements");
            var sml = new SMLHelper();
                .addCharacteristicList("operating_specs", sml.characteristics.operatingCharacteristics()
                    .add("voltage", sml.characteristics.operatingVoltageRange(110., 250., "V"))
                    .add("temperature", sml.conditions.temperatureRange(-20., 90., "Cel"))

    protected void doStart() throws SensorHubException
        if (dataInterface != null)

    protected void doStop() throws SensorHubException
        if (dataInterface != null)

    public void cleanup() throws SensorHubException
    public boolean isConnected()
        return true;

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