OpenSensorHub Documentation

Java-based middleware for building better Sensor Webs and the Internet of Things

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Support for any Sensor or Actuator

Integration any sensor or actuator from the simplest to the most complex systems

Efficient Real-Time Streaming

Access your real-time data efficiently using Websocket or MQTT, including higher bandwdith data feeds such as video.

High-Performance Data Stores

Many options for storing your historical data from small embedded devices to cloud-based distributed store.

Open Web APIs

A choice of open APIs to retrieve real-time and historical data and task your assets remotely

Advanced AI/ML/CV Processing

Pick from our processing toolbox or use our processing framework to bring in your own advanced processing algorithms

Federated Database Access

Aggregate data from multiple heterogeneous data stores and present it through a unified interface

Full Lineage Support

Describe your measurement processes robustly to enable advanced post-processing use cases